Characteristics of Modern Style Homes

If you have ever stepped into a modern home, you may have realized it right away. Modern style homes have characteristics that just aren’t found in any other type of home. While some styles may have some elements in common, such as exposed beams or plank wood flooring, modern homes take a completely different approach.… Read more

Thanks for the Beautiful Teton Series Doors…

We thank you for our Teton Series doors, and the trim that you made for our home. They are beautiful, and will bring so much pleasure through the years. The Alder wood is awe inspiring and the quality finish job you did is very nicely done. Thanks! Darrell and Arlene S. Joes, Colorado Read more

Happy Flooring Customer!

I just want to let you know that of the many great features of our house, we really like the engineered hardwood flooring we purchased from you. It is not only beautiful, it has held up to our 100 pound Rottweiler whose toe nails tore up our last hardwood floor. She has not made a… Read more

Pre-finishing Matters

So you’ve decided upon a door or a new wood floor.  You know the wood species you want, the width of the planks, or the type of glass you want.  All of the decisions involved when picking out a new floor for your home or a brand new front door should end with or at… Read more

Flush Doors – A Simple Style

Sometimes a door with a lot of adornments or designs isn’t quite what you want.  Some doors with their mouldings or various panels can seem like too much for your home.  After all, if you have a home that demands focus, then the doors should either match that focus or move out of the way.… Read more

Panel and Sticking Profiles for Any Design Style

There are a lot of ways you can design your home.  There are so many styles to choose from, you can mix and match and do anything you like to make it the place of your dreams.  One place that deserves the right amount of attention is the doors.  Sometimes people tend to gloss over… Read more

Design on a Hinge

When most people think of doors, only a few details tend to come into mind.  The color of the door.  The overall design of the door.  Whether or not it has glass.  And, of course, the door handle.  However, there are a lot of varying details that are involved with the creation and customization of… Read more

Green Building for the Future

Our future is important and it rests upon our ability to be environmentally responsible.  This is why it is necessary to use resources that can be renewed over and over again.  It also means using materials that are not harmful to the environment, seeking out alternatives that are biodegradable and safe for both people and… Read more

The Possibilities of Wood Species

Wood is an excellent source of material because it is a 100% renewable resource.  People have loved wood for centuries.  It’s thermally efficient, cost effective, and can look absolutely fantastic.  Wood gives us a sense of comfort and can give a location a very homey feel when wood doors and accents are included.  You can… Read more

The Beauty of Custom Flooring

Looking to replace your current floor with something brand new?  Perhaps now is the time to look into custom flooring.  Custom flooring can give you the look that you’ve always wanted for your home.  Wood is warm and welcoming, and making the right choice can really bring a change to your room. For custom flooring,… Read more