What is Base Moulding?

The next time you step into a room, you may wonder in what ways you can improve it. Whether you’ve lived there for ten years or are looking for ways to boost its selling price, moulding is always a great way to help give a room a little something extra. A bit of elegance, a… Read more

What are Fire Doors? Why are They important?

Places of business can always benefit from one or more fire doors. Fire doors have very specific properties that can be extremely useful to any business that is concerned about potential fires. Because a fire can happen at any time, added precautions can help in providing various benefits to employees, products, and even the building… Read more

Different Woods Used in Wood Flooring and Their Characteristics

Deciding which wood species to use for your flooring project can be one of the most difficult decisions you will be faced with. This is because there are many different wood types that can be used for flooring, giving you a lot of excellent choices. Each is beautiful in its own way and has varying… Read more

Solid Wood Flooring Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

One choice you may not have thought of when considering a new wood floor is whether or not you should opt for solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring. There are differences in what these can offer you, as well as what you are hoping to achieve in your new wood floor. Solid wood flooring… Read more

Tuscan Style Homes

Tuscany is a beautiful place. Located in Italy, it is full of sun, open sky, trellises woven with green vines, and fields of beautiful flowers. But what can we do if we can’t go to Tuscany for ourselves? There is, of course, always the possibility of moving into a Tuscan style home.   Tuscan homes… Read more

Mission Style Homes – A Taste Of The Southwest

Live in the southwest? Want to bring a taste of the southwest to where you live? A Mission style home is the quintessential southwestern style, and has been a fixture in the southwestern region for many, many years. It’s hard to miss a Mission style home – even people who don’t know the name of… Read more

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Colonial Style Homes

When you stroll through some of the streets in one of the states that used to belong in the group of the original thirteen colonies, you may see a lot of similarities in house design. Many homes have been preserved until today, and those that haven’t have been replaced by homes of the same style.… Read more

Beautiful Glass Lite Doors

Glass lite doors are a wonderful feature to include in your home. People love windows to the outside. We can see what is happening beyond them, what the weather is doing, how the trees are swaying, and just who has arrived in our driveway. The invention of glass has changed the world and how we… Read more

What Is A Panel Door?

There are many different doors that you can choose from today. The variety is almost necessary due to the number of different homes and home styles that are currently out there waiting. Whether you need to replace a current door, either interior or exterior, or if you are building your own home to enjoy, the… Read more

All About Arch Doors

If you’ve lived with typical rectangular doors for your entire life, perhaps now is the best time to seek out some change. Most doors have the same shape because it makes it easier for house builders and manufacturers. But sometimes having something a little different can make all the difference. An arched door can be… Read more