Door of the Week – Flush Walnut w/Lite Cutout

This contemporary door was provided for a contemporary style home in Boulder, Colorado. Note the unique swirling grain pattern of the walnut—indicative of thick veneers cut from solid 4/4 lumber (versus the 1/64″ paper thin veneers used by other flush door manufacturers). All of our flush doors can be customized to match your preferences. Common variations include lite cutouts, metal inlays or plates, clavos… Read more

The Importance of Door Jambs

With the invention of the door came a new and beloved part of humanity – privacy.  Though interaction is an essential part of every civilization, so too is the need for time alone, an area to call one’s own.  The door was the perfect way to ensure that was possible.  However, a door cannot stand… Read more

The Many Advantages of Dutch Doors

Dutch doors were commonly used in the seventeenth century by Dutch citizens as a way to keep barn animals out of the house, while allowing fresh air and sun to penetrate the living space. Dutch doors were also used to keep children indoors and protected, while letting the desired elements into the home. Because they… Read more

Door of the Week – Arts & Crafts Door in Mahogany

This door illustrates the “Arts & Crafts” or “Craftsman” architectural style (Note the clean straight lines, with square sticking and flat panels). This African Mahogany entry door also features a shelf with corbels, and was prefinished in our Cinnamon stain option. The door graces the entry of a custom home in Denver, Colorado. Read more

Handles and Locksets To Fit Your Needs

When it is time to choose a door for your new house or as an update to an existing structure, excitement is usually followed by slight indecision.  Choosing the actual door style is only half the battle.  What type of material do you want the door to be made of?  What color will it be? … Read more

Sidelites and Transoms: The First Impression Always Counts

First impressions are quickly made, but difficult to override.  Just as you would not want to show up to an interview in a stained t-shirt and jeans, you don’t want the first thing that a guest sees to be a door with chipping paint or rust.  While a new door might make a big difference,… Read more

Door of the Week – Arched Door with Speakeasy

Our “Door of the Week” is an arched French Country style, in Select Alder with a speakeasy—prefinished in our Redcliff Mountain glaze color. This door was provided for an exquisite custom home in Pacific Palisades, California. This speakeasy acts more like a viewer, with a pane of clear glass providing both security and weatherproofing. Many clients choose to further accent the speakeasy feature with a wrought-iron… Read more

Best Uses for Bifold Doors

A bi-fold door can be a very beautiful element in the home.  These doors are so nicely made today and can incorporate very intricate detail or full glass panels as well.  Finding a place to install them in your home can be a very desirable project. External Uses Today, bi-fold doors are not always used… Read more

Added Definition for Better Design: Base and Case Moulding

If you have ever shopped for a new home, then you likely recognize the importance of base and case moulding.  The strips of decorative wood provide a clean finish to the room, breaking the floor from the wall, framing windows, and doors.  If you are concerned that the trendy white, sleek trim will clash with… Read more

Door of the Week – Arched Entry with Operating Sidelites & Screens

This arched door with operating sidelites and screens provides an eyecatching and functional entry to a custom Durango, Colorado home. The operating sidelites maximize both light and airflow (when desired) and include integrated screens. A wide variety of casement locking hardware options and hold-open stays provide both security and flexibility to position the sidelites. All Sun Mountain radius systems are custom made-to-order to fit the… Read more