High Quality Wine Cellar Doors

Wine cellars are the place to keep all your prized bottles of wine.  It should be at the right temperature and ensure that wine is always fresh and chilled when it comes up for any occasion, whether it’s a party or just a simple dinner.  You’ll want to keep it from getting too warm or… Read more

Pre-Finished Flooring Makes Life Easy

Looking to add a stunning hardwood floor to your home?  There are a lot of options out there, from the cut of the wood to the grade, to the type of wood itself.  You’ll have a lot of possibilities waiting for you from the moment you begin looking.  Examining all the different types of flooring… Read more

The Variance of Wood Cuts

Have you ever noticed how different one floor can be from another?  Not just in color or grade, but in how the grain looks as it travels through the wood?  That’s because there isn’t a singular method to cutting wood.  You may see wood that was flat cut in one home, whereas in another home… Read more

Sills, Sweeps, and Weatherstrips

Whether it’s summer outside and you have your air conditioner on full blast, or it’s winter and your heater is making the indoors nice and toasty, you’ll want to make sure the interior of your home stays at the right temperature.  Proper insulation ensures that not only does this happen, but that you don’t lose… Read more

Customize with Clavos

In most cases, when it comes to doors people think only in terms of size and style.  Do you want one made of wood?  What type of wood?  Do you want any glass involved?  How many panels?  Any designs?  Questions of this type can continue until you get the door you are looking for.  But… Read more

Glass Designs for Your Doors

Are you in the market for a new front door? Have you been thinking about sliding – or bi-fold -doors for your back porch?  Whatever location you have in mind, today’s doors can change the look of your home in a moment.  Part of this attractiveness stems from the use of designer glass elements to… Read more

Does Your Home Décor Call For Antique Wood Floors?

Hardwood floors can truly bring a sense of unbelievable beauty to any home, but not all houses are created the same and not all decors will match the same look of wood.  While some might live for the classical, clean lines or the smooth, high contrast modern looks, others have a completely different feel that… Read more

We Love the Doors!

Hi Thad, This is Sharon K., near San Francisco, actually in Belvedere,California. We just ordered our whole new country house, all the doors (the interior doors) from you through Brent Constantine, and I just wanted to tell you how extremely happy we are. We love the doors—the architect, the contractor, I do! Everybody thinks they… Read more

How Crown Mouldings Finish a Room

Crown mouldings have been used to finish the interior of rooms for centuries and continue to be the most popular way to trim an interior room.  Crown mouldings are used to cover and decorate the area where the wall and ceiling come together.  They come in a variety of shapes, lengths, widths, and styles. Cabinetry… Read more

Facts About and Uses for Tongue and Groove Moulding

Tongue and groove moulding involves the use of two pieces of similar wood with interlocking components.  Each slat of wood has two sides.  One is a tongue — a thin deep ridge — and the other is the groove, which is a slot cut along the edge.  The tongue of one slat fits neatly into… Read more