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Top Five Door Trends: 2019

It’s been another great year for custom wood products in the home, especially doors. And, as 2018 comes to a close, we have gathered some insights into what is trending for the coming year. Here are five door trends we believe will dominate 2019!

Top Five Door Trends: 2019
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1. Natural Wood

One of the most popular current home design trends is the use of earthy colors—those that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns. Stain-grade natural wood, from the dark, rich tones of Walnut to the clean, bright quality of Maple, harmonizes perfectly with these more natural palettes.

2. Modern Stile & Rail Doors

The crisp, unfussy aesthetic of Modern design continues its popularity in homes and interiors, as well as its influence on door design. Traditionally constructed stile-and-rail doors complement the Modern home with simple one-panel designs and the very popular A-1 and A1-MV sticking and panel profiles offered by Sun Mountain.

3. Clear Woods

Creating a “Modern Neutral” space requires a thoughtful application of color and texture, and the use of “clear” woods (with little or no knots) helps to achieve this look. Select Popular is an excellent choice for doors and continues to grow in popularly. It takes stain well, paints beautifully, and is significantly less expensive than other select grades of species such as Alder or Cherry, or those that are naturally knot-free such as Sapele.

4. Flush Doors

In addition to the simple stile-and-rail door designs, flush doors are also a popular choice. This elegantly simple option can be customized with kerfs and metal inlays. Or, a truly unique look can be accomplished with “sketch-face” designs—mixing grain directions or species within the surface of the door.

5. Barn Doors 

The popularity of interior sliding barn doors shows no signs of slowing down. But, what was once a very Rustic design element has now become a staple of Contemporary interiors. Barn doors made of clear wood species, with modern glass styles and sleek stainless steel hardware, and even in flush designs are showing up in many high-end homes across the country.

Our best wishes for a beautiful 2019!