Door of the Week – Elliptical Arch in Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Sun Mountain provided the doors for a distinguished home in Salt Lake City, Utah. This door features Quarter-Sawn White Oak, a species commonly used in colonial New England furniture—giving the opening a clean, refined look. The radius top is an elliptical arch which requires precision craftsmanship on the jamb, glass, glass mullions, brick moulding, etc. so that all… Read more

Choosing a Pre-Hung Door

If you are in need of a new door but aren’t sure what sort of door to get, you may find yourself considering a pre-hung door.  Pre-hung doors are doors that are already placed within their own frame.  You don’t have to deal with any hinges and simply install the entire piece.  This also means… Read more

Why Are Wine Cellar Doors so Popular?

If you have a wine cellar, no doubt you enjoy wandering into the room from time to time, admiring all the bottles of wine you have collected and gathered over the years.  Some people leave their wine cellars open, but others will instead opt for a wine cellar door.  More and more, the choice to… Read more

Why are Flush Doors Important in Architecture?

Many doors have different functions and styles depending upon where they are to be placed within a home or other establishment.  French doors typically lead outside to balconies.  Panel doors are often placed at front entrances.  Sliding doors are favored as back doors to patios and yards.  But what goes inside your home?  Do you… Read more

What Makes a French Door French?

French doors are undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home.  With the majority of the doors being made from glass, they can allow you a great view outside your home as well as save on some electricity costs by letting in plenty of natural light.  But though you have heard of French doors before, have… Read more

Door of the Week – Knotty Alder Flat Arch with Pillow Panel

This door was recently delivered to Breckenridge, Colorado. What a beautiful door! The door is 2-1/4″ thick, 3/6 x 8/0 with 18″ wide sidelites. Spread mullposts were added between the door and sidelites to give the unit a more substantial look. The species is Knotty Alder, which blends with the rustic environment of the mountain town community of Breckenridge. The… Read more

Style Elements of Arts and Crafts Doors

Have you ever heard of arts and crafts doors?  No, these doors aren’t the kind you can let your kids scribble on with crayons!  Though the name may get you thinking of paints and beads and glitter, arts and crafts doors are actually much older and earned their name for much different reasons.  These beautiful… Read more

Design Elements of a Plank Door

There are many doors out there to choose from, and sometimes that can make for some tricky decisions when searching for a new door or replacement door.  Not only are there different wood types to look at, but also varying designs.  From panel doors to French doors, it often comes down to which style you… Read more

Door of the Week – Walnut Flat Arched Pair

This double door unit was just delivered to Rochester Hills, Michigan. It is made of Knotty Walnut, with applied molding to hold the glass, custom diamond applique panels, and a custom shelf and base kick protruding from the exterior face for added dimension and style. We did not get the opportunity to prefinish this pair of… Read more

Choosing Panel Doors

Panel doors are quite popular for a number of reasons.  They add an extra bit of quality and beauty to a home.  There is a wide variety to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about your door looking like your neighbor’s if you don’t want it to.  But what kind of panel door… Read more