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Sun Mountain Introduces New Contemporary Gray Finishes

White Oak Doors with Winter Rye Stain Finish

Light-colored home interiors continue to trend, expanding from the colors of walls and floors to the finishes on furniture and doors. And gray is the hue of choice for many. Especially when applied to a home’s wood features, gray finishes provide a quieter baseline for a tranquil, softer environment.

On July 1, 2019, Sun Mountain introduced a new “Gray Palette” of factory-applied finishes available as part of its standard offering for doors, mouldings, and wood beams. Consisting of five shades, these new colors include three stains and two glazes. The glazes are “ceruse” finishes—a white glazing technique that mutes the wood’s color and emphasizes the texture of the grain. Each finish interacts uniquely with the wood species to which it is applied, and the gray shades can be especially distinct from species to species.

Shown below are the five new Sun Mountain colors applied to Alder, Poplar, and White Oak.

The two doors featured at left are both made of White Oak and finished in Sun Mountain’s new stain, Winter Rye. The three-panel door (design SQ-0300-D045), however, features a wire brushed distressing, and an overall softer, more rustic appearance than the one-panel door (design SQ-0100-D001) that has a smoother finish. The three-panel door is now a sliding barn door in North Carolina; the one-panel door is at home in a contemporary setting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sun Mountain's Gray Palette