Custom Wood Doors

White Oak Doors Make the Cut!

White Oak is a favorite choice of wood species for doors—and one of Sun Mountain’s most popular. But did you know that White Oak logs can be cut in different ways to achieve uniquely striking looks? Read more

Custom Doors Go Vertical!

While horizontally oriented multi-panel layouts are a convention in door design, vertically oriented doors, where a vertical mullion divides the door’s face, are a popular trend. Read more

Barn Doors for Every Style

Sliding barn doors continue to be a sought-after feature in the always-evolving world of home décor. Here are some beautiful examples of Sun Mountain barn doors at home in Rustic, Traditional, and Modern styles. Read more

The Finest Custom Doors—Made by Hands

It’s one of the things that makes Sun Mountain doors remarkable. Sun Mountain custom wood doors are literally Made by Hands. Over 60 pairs of hands produce a single door, from production and assembly (of the engineered stile-and-rail components and solid wood panels) to hand-sanding and hand-applied finish stains and glazes. Read more