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Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Clear Coat Sample

Walnut hardwood has beautiful and distinct differences in color between the nearly white sapwood and the heartwood that ranges from a deep, rich, almost chocolate brown to a purplish black. The species often has a purplish cast with dark streaks. The grain of Walnut is mostly straight and open, although some boards may have a grain pattern that is burled or curly. The wood surface is generally fairly dull, though it may develop a lustrous patina after many years in use. Walnut is a dense hardwood with Janka hardness of 1010*, making it a great choice for doors or flooring. The Walnut tree is naturally knotty, and both Knotty and Select grades of the wood are available, with the Select (mostly clear of knots) grade achieved by sorting.

Walnut Table

*Hardness, per the Janka Hardness Test, which measures the resistance of a type of wood to withstand denting and wear. It measures the force, in pounds, required to embed a 0.444″ diameter steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter.

Below is Walnut in Sun Mountain’s standard finish colors.

Finish Colors on Walnut