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Rustic Moulding

Rustic homes are all about the great outdoors. They are favorites of outdoors lovers and are often found in secluded areas that have more animal neighbors than human ones. Rustic homes, also known as “mountain homes,” do not have one particular architectural style, but instead take from many different styles and lend to them a more natural, outdoorsy feel. Despite the fact that they tend to mimic their surroundings, rustic homes are often easy to spot because of their distinguished facades. Unlike most other houses, rustic homes are rarely painted. They usually take their color from the wood with which they are constructed. Wood-beamed ceiling and grand stone fireplaces are common elements of this fisherman’s dream home.

Natural, unpainted wood is a very common interior feature. Hardwood floors, doors, ceiling beams, and mouldings are usually found within, and their beauty lies in the distinctive look of the knotty wood used. It gives each house, each room, each floorboard a unique look all its own.

In the olden days, rustic homes were true to form, having as few amenities as possible (think Abe Lincoln log cabin style), but now a rustic home can be as modern and high-tech as the homeowner would like. As long as the wood-driven, Mother Nature-friendly design is not disrupted, it will still fall into the rustic category.

Rustic mouldings are low on delicate detail and high on ordinary, natural appeal. The fussy beading and scalloping of other mouldings would appear exaggerated and out of place in a rustic home.  Instead, the mouldings are plain and strong, made to hold together the wooden frames of these functional homes.  Traditional rustic homes do not blend well in fancy subdivisions and exclusive cul-de-sacs. They do not have built-in garages or basketball hoops. All the sophisticated extras that other houses have as selling points are nonexistent in traditional rustic homes. They pride themselves on their unfinished look and look better out in nature, near a lake or nestled in a quiet, wooded area.  Their floor plans cater to the active outdoorsman, often coming equipped with storage racks for skis, fishing equipment and four wheelers. They also have big sitting porches, great for winding down at dusk with family and friends.  Rustic homes are not for the pretentious. They are more about family and function and less about show and image. They work well with nature and animal lovers and blend well with an “unmanicured” landscape.