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Hidden Hinges Create “Invisible Doors”

Most swinging doors are mounted on traditional pin and barrel hinges, with the barrels visible on the opening side of the door.

Pin and Barrel Hinge, Blowup


Concealed hinges have been used for years on cabinet and furniture doors, and are now growing in popularity on full sized pass-through doors. Sun Mountain offers hidden door hinges from leading manufacturers such as TECTUS® (see and SOSS® (see

TECTUS Hinge #2

TECTUS Hinge #3

These hidden hinges mount in mortise pockets on the door edge and frame, and are completely hidden from view on the face of the door. This allows for “invisible door” installations—specifically on flush doors, as the surface of the door blends with the surrounding walls.

Gemeindezentrum Ev. Melanchthon-Kirchengemeinde

Doors Installed with TECTUS Hinges #2

But hidden hinges are not just used for flush doors. They are also often installed on stile and rail doors.

No loss of function occurs with these hinges (they allow for the full 180º opening angle), and they are adjustable in 3 dimensions (up/down, side to side, and in/out). Like our high-quality ball-bearing pin and barrel hinges, these concealed hinges are available in a variety of metals to match handle and lock hardware. Available finishes include satin and brushed chrome, satin and polished nickel, oil rubbed and metallic bronze, flat black, brushed stainless steel, and polished brass. Fire-rated hinges are also available.


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