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Customize Your Door with Crossbucks

2-panel door with crossbuck
2-panel double doors with crossbuck
Dutch door with crossbucks

What was once a structural element—a diagonal brace over the panels of a door—crossbucks are now a popular design choice. From rustic-chic mountain getaways to minimalist urban spaces to grand country estates, doors with crossbucks are an appealing choice for many home styles.

And crossbucks themselves may be customized to achieve a specific look. Two diagonal boards placed within a door’s panel form the traditional “X”; a single board may be used, sometimes referred to as a “Z-buck”; a “K-buck” may be selected for a single door, or mirrored with a second door in a double-door pair to form a large, dramatic X.

The K-buck door featured at left (design SQ-0100-D001-HXP) is a recent addition to Sun Mountain headquarters showroom in Berthoud, Colorado. It is a one-panel door with V-grooves made of knotty Hickory. The wood has an Antique distress and is finished in Sun Mountain’s Snake River glaze. It is an impressive presence at 3 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

Crossbuck illustration

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