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Customize a Door with Modern Panel + Sticking Profiles

Doors with A1-MV Panel + Sticking Profile

A door’s panels (the large flat and wide components of the door) and the sticking (the profiled edge of the door’s stiles and rails that meets the panel components) are an important stylistic detail when designing a door’s overall look. Like many other customizable details, panel and sticking combinations may dictate whether a door is enduringly Traditional or sleekly Modern.

One of Sun Mountain’s most popular Modern panel and sticking profiles is the “A1-MV,” a combination of square sticking and flat panels that are off-set to create a channel, or “reveal,” between the two components. The A1-MV is a popular detail with many of Sun Mountain’s Modern stile-and-rail designs; so popular, in fact, that Sun Mountain has expanded its A1-MV standard offerings to include wide and narrow reveal widths.

A1-MV Profile Reveals


3-panel Door with A1-MV Panel + Sticking Profile

Doors featured above, from top left: design SQ-0100-D001, 1-panel with horizontal grain and kerfs, rift-sawn select White Oak (shown unfinished); design SQ-0100-D001, 1-panel, quarter-sawn select White Oak with Eagle River Glaze finish; SQ-0100-D001, 1-panel with horizontal grain, rift-sawn select White Oak with Poudre River Glaze finish; design SQ-0100-D001, 1-panel, select Walnut (shown unfinished); design SQ-0300-D045, 3-panel, select Poplar with custom finish. All feature A1-MV panel and sticking.