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All About Craftsman Doors

Simple and unpretentious, Craftsman style doors are also known as cottage doors and are typically for homes that are more bungalow style. The Craftsman period of architecture in America started in the late 19th Century, just as we were winding down from the Victorian era. Originating in California, the Craftsman style was used for smaller homes. This period of architecture lasted until the current contemporary period which started in the early part of the 20th Century. Also known as the American Arts and Crafts style, it’s based on the British style of the same name, and tends to follow straight lines and angles. Most notably, Frank Lloyd Wright based much of his design style on this type of architecture.

Craftsman doors are also known as cottage doors designed to fit this period of house, and give a sense of strength and beauty. The name comes from the idea that the door is visibly handcrafted; the doors tend to be simple layouts. Made of wood panel, including a glass panel or window with or without artistic detailing is an option as well. The Craftsman style can be any style of wood, from mahogany to even particle board, and can have one of a variety of finish colors. It tends to have a more uniform look than other door styles and is easier on the eye.

When looking at exterior doors in the Craftsman style, you have a number of options. From the rustic to progressive, this style can also include French doors or arch doors (where you can have a speakeasy or grill) for a unique look. You can look at getting accessories such as a door shelf or sidelites as well. And don’t forget the decorative crown. Interior doors tend to be simpler and unpretentious, but no less appealing to the eye, giving an open and light aspect to the interiors of your home.

Maintaining a Craftsman door is simply making sure the exterior finish of the wood is kept up. Depending on how much exposure the door gets to the elements will determine how often you will need to keep up maintenance. Of course, if you have glass in the door, you will need to keep that clean.

If you want something with just a little flair, Craftsman doors are durable and built to last, but still stylish. It’s that simple elegance that is the best of both worlds.