Door Construction

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Wood Mouldings
Wood Beams


Sun Mountain’s custom wood doors are literally made by hands—including the touch of over 50 pairs of hands to produce a single door. The company employs a process that merges Old World craftsmanship with modern woodworking technology, allowing Sun Mountain to produce wood doors of the absolute highest quality. Sun Mountain’s doors are available in the broadest selection of designs and materials. And, the company continues its founders’ legacy as master wood finishers, with a wide collection of luxurious stains and hand-applied glazes, or custom color matching to taste.

Sun Mountain doors are made in the U.S. at the company’s northern Colorado factory. Lumber is sourced only from responsibly managed forests.

Engineered Stiles and Rails

Stiles and rails are the vertical and horizontal “frame” components respectively of the door. Stiles and rails on Sun Mountain’s doors are engineered to resist bowing and warping. The company uses industry-leading 1/8″ thick lumber skins, sandwiched around superior quality LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or LSL (TimberStrand®, Laminated Strand Lumber) core material. LVL core is manufactured with a vertical layup, with laminated layers positioned at a 90-degree angle to the surface skins for maximum stability.

Upon request, Sun Mountain also offers engineered stiles and rails manufactured with “stave” core. Stave core is made with lower grade lumber components, cut to size and face-glued together. Grain patterns are alternated to balance the core and reduce the natural tendency of the wood to warp. Stave core is more costly than Sun Mountain’s standard LVL or LSL core material.

On exterior doors, kick and lock rails are solid wood to eliminate moisture penetration and delamination of skins.

Solid Panels

Panels are the large, wide boards used to fill the space between the stiles and rails. Sun Mountain’s panels are solid wood—much higher quality than pressboard panels with thin veneers, or hollow core panels. The company’s panels are manufactured with small width boards, edge glued to create the larger width panel. Boards are typically random width, but can be similar width upon request (for an additional cost). Grain patterns are alternated to balance the panel and reduce the natural tendency of the wood to warp or cup.

All panels equal to or greater than 1-1/4″ thick are manufactured as two-piece panels, face glued together. This superior design significantly reduces warping and cracking of the panel.

Bore and Dowel Construction

Sun Mountain’s doors are assembled with bore and dowel construction. Stiles and rails are bored, glued, and then doweled with industry leading 1/2″ diameter dowels for optimum strength and stability. Panels typically fit into grooves in the stile and rail components, and “float” on rubber spacers to allow for minor expansion and shrinking of the wood with the natural moisture and environmental changes of the home.

Profiles + Applied Mouldings

Sun Mountain offers a variety of sticking and panel profiles, and optional applied mouldings for doors.


Sun Mountain offers 25+ standard glass styles for doors. Many styles are available in both single pane (called “single glaze” or SG, for interior applications), or double pane (“insulated glass” or IG, typically used for exterior door applications). All glass is tempered for both safety and building code compliance.

Distressed Wood

Sun Mountain can “distress” new wood to give it a natural, antique look and feel. This is done by hand, using a variety of Old World tools. “Light,” “Medium,” “Antique” (for plank V-groove doors), “Heavy,” and “Wire Brushed” distress options are available for doors. Light and Wire Brushed options are available on door jambs.

Wood Finishing

Wood finishing (called “pre-finishing”) is a hallmark of Sun Mountain. The company offers the highest quality stains and hand-applied glazes, available in a large selection of standard colors, or custom color matched to meet the desires of the customer. Sun Mountain’s wood finishes are “fine furniture” quality—much higher quality and often lower cost than on-site painting. Sun Mountain’s warranty is extended from one year to five years on factory pre-finished interior doors.

Door Jambs

Sun Mountain offers the value-added option of purchasing pre-hung doors (i.e., doors pre-assembled with jambs), ready to install in the door opening.

Door Warranty

Sun Mountain offers an industry leading door warranty.


Sun Mountain manufactures a variety of solid wood mouldings, made at the company’s northern Colorado factory. Base, case, crown, and tongue and groove mouldings are available in a choice of 18 wood species and in numerous profile options. Depending on the wood species, narrow width mouldings, up to 5-1/4″ wide, are normally manufactured from solid boards (no glue lines). Wider width mouldings, greater than 5-1/4″ wide, are normally manufactured from smaller boards, edge glued to create the wider widths. Light distress is available for mouldings, similar to that offered for doors. Factory wood finishing is also available, in the same selection of standard stains and glazes offered for doors (or custom color matched to taste).


Wood Beam

Sun Mountain’s wood beams are hollow—three- or four-sided structures built to replicate solid beams. The company manufactures custom box beams in “L,” “U,” or “O” shapes. Beam sections can be up to 10′ in length for Alder wood species, and up to 12′ in length for all other species. Individual sections can then be joined together with a “butt joint” to create longer continuous box beam lengths. Wood beams are available in 18 wood species, with a large selection of standard factory-applied wood finish colors, or custom color matched to taste. In addition, Sun Mountain can distress the wood in Light, Medium, Heavy, or Wire Brushed distress options, similar to doors.