Quarter-Sawn White Oak

White Oak Doors Make the Cut!

White Oak is a favorite choice of wood species for doors—and one of Sun Mountain’s most popular. But did you know that White Oak logs can be cut in different ways to achieve uniquely striking looks? Read more

White Oak Wood, Including Rift and Quarter Cuts

White Oak is a dense hardwood with a white to cream to light brown color. White Oak is very durable, exhibits high shock resistance and finishes well. The hardness of the wood is rated at 1360 (per the Janka hardness test). The grains of White Oak tend to be longer than Red Oak, which makes the species prized for construction of “Mission” style furniture and woodwork. The species stains well, although contact with metal will result in a dark blemish in the wood. White Oak trees are naturally knotty, but the wood can be sorted to obtain “Select” grade wood, which is mostly clear of knots. Read more