Stile and Rail Doors Can be Modern

Modern doors are often flush construction, providing a simple design with minimal embellishments. But modern doors can also be stile and rail construction. Design elements frequently include a square top, one to three panels, square sticking, and flat (not raised) panels. Read more

Style Elements of Arts and Crafts Doors

Have you ever heard of arts and crafts doors?  No, these doors aren’t the kind you can let your kids scribble on with crayons!  Though the name may get you thinking of paints and beads and glitter, arts and crafts doors are actually much older and earned their name for much different reasons.  These beautiful… Read more

Craftsman Style Moulding

Perhaps you haven’t heard of a craftsman style home, but you are probably familiar with the term “bungalow.” Bungalows got their start in the early 1900s on the laid back west coast— California to be exact— and they are an ideal choice for anyone who is on a restricted budget or simply has no need… Read more