Wide Plank Flooring


Sun Mountain manufactures the highest quality wide plank flooring, available in both solid and engineered construction. Sun Mountain floors are inviting, durable, and timeless—the very essence of quality living.


Sun Mountain’s flooring is available in eight wood species, with some woods further designated by “grade,” such as “knotty” (sometimes called “character”) or “select” (clear, with few or no knots). In addition, unique effects can be achieved on certain species by special “cuts” of the logs, such as “rift” and “quarter” cuts. Flooring is available in the following wood species:

  • Cherry (in both knotty and select grades)
  • Hickory (in both knotty and select grades)
  • Oak, Red (select grade; available in flat or rift and quarter-cuts)
  • Oak, White (in both knotty and select grades; available in flat, rift, or quarter-cuts)
  • Sapele (select grade; available in flat or rift and quarter-cuts)
  • Walnut (in both knotty and select grades)
  • Reclaimed Barnwood, weathered face (a mix of Red and White Oak, sourced from old buildings, barns, and granaries)
  • Reclaimed Barnwood, smooth face (a mix of Red and White Oak, sourced from old buildings, barns, and granaries, and planed to a smooth surface)


Key features of Sun Mountain’s flooring include:

  • True wide plank, up to 9″ wide (on selected wood species)
  • Custom made in the U.S. (at Sun Mountain’s northern Colorado factory)
  • Direct sales from the manufacturer to the trade or homeowner
  • Short lead times—typically 6 to 8 weeks from order to delivery
  • Factory wood finishing options—including high quality, six-sided, UV-cured polyurethane finishes, a selection of standard colors, and available custom color matching
  • Personalized service


Solid wood flooring is recommended for at or above grade applications only. Solid wood floors are not recommended for “direct glue to concrete” or radiant heat sub-floor applications. Standard features of Sun Mountain’s solid wood flooring include:

  • 3/4″ thickness
  • End-matched tongue and groove
  • Widths up to 8″ (on selected species)


Engineered flooring is strongly recommended for below grade applications (due to high moisture content in basements). Engineered flooring is also strongly recommended for “direct glue to concrete” applications and installations over radiant heat sub-floors. Advantages of Sun Mountain’s engineered flooring include less shrink and expansion related to moisture than solid wood—reducing warping, cupping and cracking, and widths up to 9″ (on selected species). Standard features of Sun Mountain’s engineered flooring products include:

  • Two-piece material (core, plus wear layer veneer) approximately 3/4″ thick
  • Approximately 9/16″ thick core material—11-ply alternating grain laminate material, glued with exterior-grade, Class 3 glue
  • 4mm (greater than 1/8″ thick) wear layer veneer (can be sanded and refinished multiple times)
  • Core and veneer construction tested by submersion in water for 48 hours, with no delamination
  • End-matched tongue and groove
  • Widths up to 9″ (on selected species)


Sun Mountain offers a variety of hand-planed and hand-scraped distressed wood options for flooring to create the look and feel of antique wood. Distressed wood options include:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Re-sawn

Contact Sun Mountain at 888.786.6861 or sales@sunmountaindoor.com to request a free, no-obligation quote.