Santa Fe, NM

Pacheco Park, Santa Fe, NM

Located in Santa Fe’s Pacheco Park—a community of businesses offering an array of renowned design shops and high-end furniture and fixture providers—this full-service selection center is the perfect place for contractors, designers, or homeowners to browse Sun Mountain’s exclusive product lines and to meet with the company’s expert sales staff. On display are dozens of Sun Mountain doors in a variety of styles—from traditional to rustic to modern—as well as wood species, finish, moulding, and hardware samples.

Santa Fe Showroom

Santa Fe Showroom
From left: SQ-0100-D001, SQ-0300-D045, SQ-0200-D008-XP, SQ-0400-D005, HF-0200-D008-P, SQ-0007-D066, SQ-0200-D008, TF-0200-D008-P, SQ-0300-D039.

1512 Pacheco Street, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Pacheco Park
1512 Pacheco Street, Suite D108
Santa Fe, NM 87505

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm

505.690.2894 or  888.786.6861nationwide

Showroom Manager
Kevin Zamora

Account Manager
Jesse Trojnar

Santa Fe Showroom
From left: SQ-0200-D008, SQ-0300-D039, SQ-0000-F090, SQ-0100-D001-P, SQ-0300-D045.

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