San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Design Center
Showplace Building
2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 150
San Francisco, CA 94103

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm

415.852.2320 or 888.786.6861 nationwide

Showroom Manager/Estimator
Shimen Krek

Regional Sales Manager, East/North Bay Areas
John Solon

Territory Sales Manager, West/South Bay Areas
Chris Beaumont

Territory Sales Manager, Lake Tahoe
David Bienvenue

Delivery, Service Technician
Miguel Noble

Installed Door in Showroom
SQ-0000-F136 left, SQ-0704-D047 right
Artful Door Handle

Located in the San Francisco Design Center, this full service selection center features a broad variety of Sun Mountain’s custom wood doors, mouldings, and wide plank hardwood flooring. Interior and exterior doors are displayed in “installed environments,” with architectural hardware. Four styles of flooring are a working display on the showroom floor. A large consultation area provides a comfortable setting for reviewing plans and making wood species and finish selections. The San Francisco operation provides delivery and after-the-sale-service to customers in the northern California region.

Showroom Door Examples
SQ-0010-D036 left, SQ-0400-D035-X right

2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 150 San Francisco, CA 94103