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Wormy Maple Wood, a Unique Choice


Craftsman Style Wood Door


Wormy Maple (sometimes called “Ambrosia Maple”) is a grade of Soft Maple, specifically selected and sorted to show mineral streaks and color variations caused by the Ambrosia beetle. The beetle infests the live Maple tree, depositing larvae that bore small “worm holes” and discolor the wood. No two boards are alike. Colors and patterns vary significantly from a creamy white sapwood to a beige or tan-colored heartwood, with green or very dark brown streaks near small worm holes. The wood is strong and stiff, but has a relatively low shock resistance. Janka hardness is 940. Wormy Maple is common in fine, hand-crafted furniture, guitars, and ornamental turning—and is a beautiful choice for unique doors and other millwork products manufactured by Sun Mountain!

Wormy Maple Table


Wormy Maple Color Grid

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