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Wooden Beams in a Modern Home?

Modern Wood Beams

While wood beams are a favored feature in Old World architecture and Farmhouse Chic design, they definitely have a place in contemporary home style. Here, recessed wood beams in knotty Alder with a dark custom stain provide a graphic accent to this modern interior.

Wood Beams in a Modern Kitchen

Modern Wood Beams Spanning Ceiling

Sun Mountain’s non-structural (hollow) wood beams are available in “L,” “U,” or “O” shapes and custom dimensions.

L- and U-shaped Beams
Examples of L- and U-shaped beams—see more shapes here.


Wood Beam Joint and Connector
Top: detail of the curved miter joint. Bottom: “dog bone” connector used to create longer length beam sections.

Our beams are made from solid-wood boards, 3/4″ thick. Corners are joined and glued with a unique curved miter joint. Widths greater than 5-1/4″ are created with edge-glued boards. Beam sections can be made up to 12’ in length; to create longer lengths, sections are joined together with a “butt joint” that is secured using a “dog bone” connector. Seams are nearly invisible on factory-finished wood.

Our custom, factory-built wood beams are often more cost effective than beams constructed and assembled on-site.

And, just like our custom wood doors, Sun Mountain’s wood beams are available in 17 wood species (plus reclaimed barnwood), in any distress option (light, medium, heavy, or wire brushed), and finished in any of Sun Mountain’s 29 standard stains and glazes (or custom color matched).

Whether you are crazy about Cottage or mad about Modern, wood beams may be a perfect detail for your home.