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Wooden Barn Doors for the Den & Other Rustic Home Decorating Ideas

Looking for something unexpected for your new home décor? Rustic designs are a fantastic way to bring new life and new style into your home. There are a myriad of ways for you to change up your home in favor of rustic designs. From big changes to smaller ones, every little bit will quickly add up to transform your home into a rustic retreat.

You can start by seeking out new doors for your home. This can include everything from wooden bar doors for your den to a beautiful new rustic style front door. Rustic doors are often made with lower grade wood – also known as rustic grade – in order to provide the doors with more character. Wood has more knots, color variations, and other details that make it appear more raw and as though it had just been hewn from the tree. A rustic door for your front and then rustic interior doors can be an excellent first step to your home. Don’t forget to choose hardware that matches well to your wood choice, such as wrought iron.

Remember that many rustic homes today also incorporate the concept of natural light. Energy efficient windows can be an excellent choice, as well as including glass lites in your exterior doors. These can help allow light into your home for extra warmth and openness to the outside.

Flooring can also be done using rustic grade wood. From wide plank options to various additional staining and finishing options, as long as it carries with it that overall outdoorsy style, your home will be transformed. It is truly amazing how much a room can change just from installing a different floor. You can also opt for reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has come from locations such as old barns and other locations where the wood is weathered and contains a lot of character, but is still in fine condition and ready to be used again. It’s also an excellent way to stay green!

Décor is also important when it comes to rustic design. While this doesn’t mean you need to mount a pair of antlers in your living room, including various pieces from nature or that are crafted with nature in mind can help bring the outside in. Consider pieces and furniture made using stone, wood, and metals that match your interior. The best part is that rustic décor can vary from the delightfully simple to the gorgeously ornate. Choose what you love best!