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Wirebrushed Doors

Looking for a little something extra in your next door?  How about taking a look into the possibilities of a wirebrushed door?

Wire brushing is often done via machine.  A wooden door is put through the machine to give it a classic wirebrushed look.  This look is characterized by random tear and depth grooves that can give the door a unique look.  It’s a simulated distress that can actually benefit the door because the process strips away the soft summer grain and reveals the hard winter grain of the wood instead.  If you don’t want a door with that brand new look, a wirebrushed door offers an aged, wear and tear style that imitates the look of other doors that have already had years of use.

Typically wirebrushing works best on softer woods.  These woods can include fir, cedar, and pine.  Hardwoods can be wirebrushed, though they are not often chosen for it.  You may see oak or alder woods wirebrushed for a great weathered look.  The overall finish can be complemented even more by certain patinas or glazes that can enhance the designs and colors brought on by wirebrushing.

Wirebrushed doors are not for everybody; likewise they may not be for every house.  If you love things with an aged look, wirebrushed doors are right up your ally.  However, make sure this design will work well with your home before making a final purchase.  Many people are very happy with their wirebrushed doors and appreciate the texture and overall look that wirebrushing can offer.

A great way to see how a wirebrushed door might look on your home is to do the same thing as when you might choose a color for your door.  Take a good-sized picture of your home and then, using a pair of scissors, cut out the front door.  Find a high quality image of a wirebrushed door that you like and then fit it behind the photo.  Now you’ll be able to see how your house might look with a wirebrushed door.  Try it with different wood types to see which one will best suit your house.

Once you know which one is for you, start contacting locations that offer wirebrushing and find out how much they cost and compare that to what your budget may be.  See the doors first before making your final decision.  Then it will be time to set yourself up with a brand new wirebrushed door.