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Why Choose a Wooden Door?


Wooden doors have been used for centuries. It should come as no surprise when you know just how amazing wood is as a material. It has multiple properties which make it an ideal choice for doors. So discover what it takes for wood to be a fantastic door and why we still love it as a material so much today.


Naturally, the first thing people think of when they think of wood doors is how strong and sturdy wood is. True enough, wood is just right in its capacity to remain strong throughout the years. You might have a 20-year-old wooden door in your home, but if it’s been taken care of and properly handled from the start, it’s most likely just as good as it was back then. Its strength-to-weight ratio is great, and, of course, wood can be shaped into any number of things – even different shapes for doors. This is why so many different styles can be offered today. Technology has also advanced to the point that deformation is extremely limited once the door is set.


Wood is also a good natural insulator. It helps keep cold air out during winter and then is just as able to keep hot summer days from creeping inside. This is due to the makeup of the wood itself. Inside there are air-filled cells which significantly slow down the conduction process to the point that we hardly notice. A good manufacturer can take this to the next level by offering high quality stains, seals, and topcoats for maximum insulation, as well as maximum protection against the elements.


Don’t forget that wood is a sustainable resource! More than ever we have realized that wood is something that we can continue to use as long as it is used in a responsible manner. When trees are cut down, more are planted, and always in sustainable numbers. Responsible manufacturers will seek out lumber companies that practice sustainability.


And last, but certainly not least, wood is gorgeous. It’s hard to deny how beautiful a quality crafted and stained wooden door is. With so many wood species available, you are certain to find the ideal choice for a wood door. Once you have the right wood, you can choose all sorts of different stains and topcoats for just the right look for your home. Whether your goal is to replace interior doors or exterior doors, you simply cannot go wrong with a good wooden door.