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Why are Flush Doors Important in Architecture?

Many doors have different functions and styles depending upon where they are to be placed within a home or other establishment.  French doors typically lead outside to balconies.  Panel doors are often placed at front entrances.  Sliding doors are favored as back doors to patios and yards.  But what goes inside your home?  Do you need a fancy door or a heavy door?  Most likely the answer is no.  Rather, you’re looking for a simpler door – and that would be the flush door.

You’ve likely gone through thousands of flush doors in your time.  That goes to show just how popular they are, as well as how important they are, in architecture.  After all, why use a particular design element if it doesn’t work?  A flush door can be used to serve several purposes, depending upon what the room needs.  A flush door essentially blends right into the wall.  It has a flat surface and does not require casing.  Many offices like a clean look, and thus use flush doors.

Flush doors have importance because they can change the way a room looks in dramatic ways.  The lack of a traditional door frame that many people are used to doesn’t protrude into the area.  A small space can look bigger with a flush door.  Architects and even interior designers like the way a flush door can play with a room’s proportions, as well as the design elements of a room.  If there is one continuous desired design on the wall, it won’t be broken when it reaches the door.  Flush doors provide a minimalist approach to doors that can make a difference when designing a room.  If a designer or architect has a space that people will need access to but is not aesthetically pleasing, a flush door can easily mask the area away while still making sure it is accessible to those that need it.

Flush doors are often hollow on the inside, but do not necessarily have to be.  Though they do look simple, they actually utilize several technologies not available to architects in the past.  With smarter designs and better materials, the flush door is now easy to install and can provide your room with a unique look.

While flush doors may not be for everyone, they certainly have their appeal.  From businesses to trendy homes, the flush door can provide you with the look and appeal that you want.