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White Oak Doors Make the Cut!

White Oak is a favorite choice of wood species for doors—and one of Sun Mountain’s most popular. A dense hardwood that accepts stain well, White Oak has long been prized in fine furniture making and woodworking.

But did you know that White Oak logs can be cut in different ways to achieve uniquely striking looks?

Flat-cut Select White Oak Flush Door


Flat-cut Select White Oak

The Flat-cut (sometimes called “Plain-sawn” or “Plain-slice”) is the most common method of sawing logs. This method provides the widest boards and least waste and is the most economical. The Flat-cut is achieved with the first saw cut on a tangent to the circumference of the log and the remaining cuts parallel to the first. Flat-cut lumber is easily recognized by its cathedral pattern on the face of the board.

Flat-cut Illustration

This flush door with single vertical kerf (SQ-0000-F003) is flat-cut select White Oak, finished in Glacier Point glaze.


2-Panel Quarter-sawn select White Oak Door


Quarter-sawn Select White Oak

Quarter-sawn lumber (also called “Quarter-cut”) is produced by first quartering the log and then sawing it perpendicular to the growth rings. Boards are cut of radial grain, with the growth rings positioned at between 60- and 90-degree angles to the face of the board. The Quarter-sawn cut splits the medullary ray of the wood, creating a beautiful ribbon-like effect referred to as “rays” or “flecks” that often appear shiny or reflective.

Quarter-sawn Illustration

This 2-panel quarter-sawn select White Oak door (SQ-0200-D008) is finished in Dyer Mountain glaze.


2-Panel Rift-sawn Select White Oak Door


Rift-sawn Select White Oak

Rift-sawn lumber is similar to Quarter-sawn, but with the angle of the cut adjusted slightly so that fewer saw cuts are parallel to the medullary rays. This positions the growth rings between 30- and 60-degree angles to the face of the board. Rift-sawn lumber accentuates the vertical grain and minimizes the rays common in Quarter-sawn. Rift-sawn lumber produces a unique straight grain appearance on both sides of the board.

Rift-cut Illustration

This Rift-sawn select White Oak door (SQ-0200-D057) is finished in Poudre River glaze.

To learn more about White Oak and many other wood species available for custom doors from Sun Mountain, click the link below.