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When to Use Pre-hung Doors For Your Home

Considering a new door? Or perhaps you’re building a home and aren’t sure if you should use a pre-hung door or a slab door. There are benefits to each, although some work much better in certain situations than others. Knowing when to use a pre-hung door and when to opt for a slab door can make life – and door installation – much easier.


First, you should know the difference between a pre-hung door and a slab door. That alone can help you make your decision. A pre-hung door is simply a door that is already hung – hinges and all – in its own door frame. A slab door is actually what most people think of when they think of purchasing a door – it is a basic door without any frame, hinges, or other hardware. You receive the door and it is up to you to customize it from there. (That isn’t to say that you can’t customize a pre-hung door, though!)


So when should you use a pre-hung door? You can start considering cost if that is an important factor to you. Typically a pre-hung door will be a little more than a slab door because you are getting more for your money right then and there. A pre-hung door can be the ideal choice if you don’t have a frame in your home and will require one to be installed anyway. In this way, a pre-hung door can be an excellent idea because the door and frame will match up perfectly – all you have to do is install it. Pre-hung doors are also great when you plan on doing any extensive remodeling or brand new construction. Since it is ready to go, you spend less time and materials constructing the frame and adding in the hardware.


If you are looking to install an exterior door, pre-hung options allow you to have a tight-fitting seal right away. Slab doors may end up leaving small gaps or even large, unexpected gaps between the frame and the door, making it a frustrating task to get a door that will have just the right fit for a secure seal, keeping out adverse weather as well as hot or cold air depending upon the season.


Pre-hung doors are a favorite among construction and remodeling crews. It makes the process so much simpler and faster. If any of these scenarios fit your current situation, then a pre-hung door will be perfect for you.