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Victorian Doors

The Victorian era is now known for its elegance and extravagant style. Victorian style homes, while sometimes actually built during the time of the reign of Queen Victoria, are more modern homes that are based on that style of structure. Victorian homes typically have asymmetrical shapes, turret towers, and steep roofs. Since the Victorian era is also when industrialization started occurring, the use of pre-fabricated building materials was starting to be seen in the construction of homes. This means that there is a wide variety of Victorian home designs around, each with its own features.

Victorian style doors, as a result, have a vintage look about them. There is a vertical proportion to the house, and, therefore, the doors reflect this. A classic style with mouldings and designs that match the distinctiveness of this style, these doors sometimes even reflect the woodwork and ornamentation seen in the house. The glass panels will sometimes have designs. The door handles and door knob especially are very distinctive features of this type of door, sometimes being partially made of glass.

Each house is unique, and so when buying a Victorian door, be sure to match the architecture of the home. If the home leans more towards the Queen Anne look, which was the latter part of the Victorian era of homes, you’ll want bigger mouldings. Of course, several online retailers will also make custom designed doors, so if you have a specific idea in mind, or want to reproduce another door, that might be your best choice.

Victorian doors can be used as screen or storm doors, with wire screens where the window typically would be. Some even have interchangeable screen parts that go over the tempered glass, making the door perfect no matter what the weather. Interior doors tend to be less elaborate, and less likely to have as much detailing or windows as external doors, but will still have raised panels and potentially have small windows made that match the interior design of the home. Of course, if you have an entryway with an interior door, the inner door can be just as fancy as the exterior door. The wood tends to lean toward pine, fir, or red cedar.

Ornate and stylish, Victorian doors are all about being noticed and giving your entryway focus. The door needs to mirror the architecture of the house, while still maintaining some originality of its own.