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Tuscan Style Homes

Tuscany is a beautiful place. Located in Italy, it is full of sun, open sky, trellises woven with green vines, and fields of beautiful flowers. But what can we do if we can’t go to Tuscany for ourselves? There is, of course, always the possibility of moving into a Tuscan style home.


Tuscan homes have been around for many years. Like many other architectural styles, they got their start in their home country before migrating elsewhere. In the case of the Tuscan home, the style eventually found its way to England in the 1840s. These were essentially recreations of traditional Italian villas, which people grew fond of because of their lighter style and change of pace.


Throughout the years, though architectural shifts have occurred across the globe, some styles remain surprisingly static. The Italian villa is much the same as it was centuries ago because of its high appeal. Since then it has spread to those who find themselves enjoying the design. It isn’t uncommon for an architect to take aspects of one style and incorporate them into his or her own. Today, many people enjoy houses that are quite like or inspired by Italian villas, giving them the designation of Tuscan style homes.


The exterior of this home often features terra cotta or tile roofs that have a low pitch to them, stucco walls or stone construction, and gorgeous doors and windows that have lovely arches to them, and shutters on the windows. The interior of these houses can include open floor plans for a wonderful sense of space, wooden beams in the ceiling, and wide plank hardwood flooring. Design styles on the interior can also be a mix of both Old World and Mediterranean. This can make for some interesting things when you walk into a Tuscan house. You may find stone accents, tile, or even wrought iron.


If you don’t currently live in a Tuscan home, moving into one can be a very appealing concept. This is especially true for Tuscan homes that have gone all out and included a courtyard. However, if moving isn’t an option, you can always bring a bit of Tuscany to you by updating your windows, doors, flooring, and even moulding. The accents placed upon doors can include wrought iron and other Tuscan-like accents to give your house just a bit of that Old World design. And what’s not to like about that?