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Tuscan Style Homes and Doors

Recreations of historical Italian villas, the Tuscan style of architecture started in England some time in the 1840s. Featuring low tile or terra cotta roofs, arched doorways and windows, and stucco or stone construction, Tuscan style homes are a mix of Old World architecture and Mediterranean. When America adopted this style, it became very popular, especially in Texas. This style of architecture is also known as Italiante or Lombard, and houses typically also include a courtyard as well as an open floor plan.

Tuscan doors are typically molded doors, and some have casements with brick or timber headers. While the doorways are typically arched, you will also see doors that have been squared-up with round accent vents used to still give it that Tuscan flair. These doors can be single or double, depending on the doorway entry. Typically, external doors are double doors, while internal ones are singles. And don’t forget that you can also get a Tuscan style garage door as well. If you do not have a house in this style, decorating a regular door with dark stain and artwork that is Tuscan style will still give you the flavor of Italy for your home.

The most important thing to note about Tuscan doors is that the style of architecture is proud of the use of real wood – so natural color, and not painting of finishing the door, is vital. If you do paint or finish it, keep it earth tones with a satin finish. It is also recommended to have stonework around the door, adding to the Italian effect. There are also external doors that are made of iron instead of wood, which adds to the natural element that is the definition of this style. If you have a Tuscan style house with a courtyard, a wrought iron door can be used for the entryway.

When decorating a house to match a Tuscan style, you will want to stay with the colors red, green, gold, and brown, keeping to natural colors. Terracotta and brick tones also work. The use of pottery throughout the decorations adds the Italian feel, as well as incorporating nature.

Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and the homes built in the Tuscan style indicate that in its design and the various elements that make it up, including the doors. Add a little artistic quality to your home with a Tuscan style door.