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The Tudor Style Door

Next to Contemporary architecture, the Tudor style is the broadest in terms of options, as each was designed with the idea of making the house distinctive. Also known as Medieval Revival, as they are modern-day re-inventions of the types of houses made during that time period in England. It became a symbol, especially after World War I, of money and culture.

The Tudor style of architecture represents everything from cottages to palaces. Typically made of brick or stone, Tudor homes are recognized by their steep roofs and parapets, as the architecture is inspired by English manors and castles. The interior of these homes tend to use dense materials such as wood or stone, giving the home an intimate feel.

Tudor doors are known for their rounded or arched tops that come to a small point in the middle, which gives the door an almost gothic look. However, there are now square doors that are made to look like the Tudor style, with decorations and accessories to help accentuate the appearance. They are also tall and narrow, same as the windows of this style. While the doors can be single pieces of wood, basic plank doors also can be used with this style of architecture. The woods used are the darker woods, such as mahogany.

For your entryway, a Tudor style door is all about character, whether it’s a lion door knocker or a wrought iron speakeasy over the window. Black or dark bronze accents are also found on several styles of this type of door. This additional detailing adds to the castle feel of the home. However, there is little glass in these styles of doors. Therefore, if buying an exterior door, keep in mind such ideas as leaded glass to lighten up your home or including delicate carvings in the door.

Since the door is arched, installing them is a little more complicated than square doors, as hanging needs to be just right. The door frame is the most important part of hanging a Tudor style door. You will most likely need some help, and may even look into hiring someone to install the door for you. While you may actually be able to find an antique door from this period, buying a modern version will no doubt be more secure.

Bring a touch of European charm to your home, giving it a sense of elegance and refinement with Tudor doors.