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Sun Mountain Warranty and Service

Your company supplied our doors on the last home we built—a Parade of Homes project. I recently sold the home and after the sale, the buyer’s inspector discovered a split door panel and a damaged T-Astragal. Your sales representative surprised me on how responsive he was and how well your company stood behind your warranty. Our company damaged the T- Astragal and we were willing to pay for a new one. Your salesman promptly measured and ordered a replacement door, which was a great help to me. Most of our suppliers and vendors do not return calls regarding warranty issues. I recently called a garage door company that we have used exclusively for the past 33 years, and requested them to adjust the tension on the doors of a Parade home. This is a simple adjustment. The company told me that it would be a $76 service charge to make the adjustment. My point is that we all have been through difficult times with the economy, and I appreciate your company’s service. I have already told another builder about your company’s response. I appreciate your warranty and service even though we are a relatively new customer. Thanks again!

Gregg C.
Englewood, Colorado