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Genesee, Master Bathroom Door (Small)

Modern or Contemporary home designs focus on simplification and elimination of undue ornamentation—facilitating functional, clutter-free living. These homes have open floor plans, odd or irregular shapes, flat roofs (often with multiple roof levels), minimal architectural touches, and oversized (often very tall) windows to welcome natural light.

Modern Home




Contemporary wood doors normally have square tops and simple, clean lines. Door designs include both stile and rail and flush door construction, with flush doors sometimes featuring horizontal grain patterns, kerfs, metal inlays, and decorative glass presented in simple geometric patterns.

San Francisco Flush Door, Mixed SpeciesFlush Door with Horizontal Grain and Kerfs

Flush Door with Metail Inlay
















For stile and rail doors, panels are flat (typically not raised), with simple square sticking. Wood species are sometimes mixed on the door, with dark and lighter woods creating a natural contrast.

Golden, Front Door Interior (Small)









Golden, Pocket Door (Small) #1Golden, Hallway Door (Small)

Woods are typically clear of knots, but knotty woods are now frequently mixed with modern elements to achieve the trendy “Urban Rustic” or “Industrial Chic” design.37949.1

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