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Style Elements of Arts and Crafts Doors

Have you ever heard of arts and crafts doors?  No, these doors aren’t the kind you can let your kids scribble on with crayons!  Though the name may get you thinking of paints and beads and glitter, arts and crafts doors are actually much older and earned their name for much different reasons.  These beautiful doors can also be an excellent choice the next time you find yourself looking for a new door to your home.

Arts and crafts doors emerged in the early 1900s and grew to be quite popular.  Their intricate patterns, glasswork, and craftsmanship earned them a place in many homes.  They can still work well today, though if you do have a home that has cobblestones, tapered columns, or deep eaves typical of an early 1900s home, then an arts and crafts door may be exactly what you’re looking for.

These doors are also sometimes called just “craftsman” or “Shaker” style doors.  This is because of the number of designs and effort that can go into a single door.  One door may have several panels etched into the wood, or it might just have one large panel.  Arts and crafts doors are most popular with glass at the top of the door.  Glass can be crafted into multiple panels, include colored glass for a stained glass look, or be etched into different designs.  This can be especially intriguing if you want natural light or wish to play with colored light within the entryway to your house.  Another feature popular with arts and crafts doors is the shelf.  Though the shelf is not necessary, it is often seen in this type of door, located just beneath glass typically placed at the top of the door.

If a plain wood panel door doesn’t seem to strike you in the right away, and you want more beauty from glass additions, then an arts and crafts door may be the perfect choice.  These doors are perfect for homes that have that older, crafted, and homey touch, but can still work with many of today’s more recent homes.  You can make an arts and crafts door as complex or as simple as you want it.  Ask professionals about how well it will fit into your home and all the various styles that might be best.  Welcoming and natural, an arts and crafts door works best as an entryway, giving all your visitors a chance to see your brand new beautiful door.