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Sidelites and Transoms: The First Impression Always Counts

First impressions are quickly made, but difficult to override.  Just as you would not want to show up to an interview in a stained t-shirt and jeans, you don’t want the first thing that a guest sees to be a door with chipping paint or rust.  While a new door might make a big difference, the use of sidelites and transoms can completely change a visitor’s first impression of your home.

How Fast is the First Impression Formed?

Psychologists suggest that the initial mental picture that we create for someone takes just a tenth of a second.  Experiments have demonstrated in that short amount of time the brain makes a mental assessment, involving an assumed age, personality, and more.  So, if all of that can be formed in less than a second, how long would it take a potential buyer to decide the worth of a house?  Suddenly, it becomes very clear why so many of today’s television series focus on a house’s curb appeal.

Why Worry About Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property’s exterior as perceived by onlookers.  Whether we like it or not, a house that fails to impress on that first look is unlikely to be an easy sale in today’s real estate market.

Whether you are thinking about selling in the very near future or you don’t imagine yourself making that transition for many years, curb appeal will play an important role.  Of course, potential buyers will always consider it in their search for their next home, but the look of the house is also influential in other ways.  For those who entertain, curb appeal means setting to tone for guests.  For those who work at home, a great looking exterior can make the business feel more professional and legitimate to potential customers.

How Can Sidelites and Transoms Help?

While a beautiful door can be striking all on its own, there is good reason to consider the use of these architectural elements.  Not only do they allow additional light into the home, they also add interest to the entryway.  Whether classic, contemporary, colonial, or a farmhouse, every home can be made more beautiful with an intricate front entrance and these glass fitted elements outline a matching door for increased attractiveness.  The goal is for the first thing a person sees, before entering the home, to be pure beauty.  That equates to great curb appeal and a wonderful first impression.