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“Re-sawn” Distressed Flooring

Re-sawn Distress on Hickory
Re-sawn Distress on Knotty Hickory
Re-sawn Distress on Knotty White Oak
Re-sawn Distress on Knotty White Oak

Sun Mountain manufactures the highest quality wide plank flooring at its northern Colorado manufacturing location. Flooring is available in both solid and engineered construction, in widths up to 9″. Factory wood finishing is available, with six-sided UV-cured polyurethane finishes, in a selection of standard colors or custom color matched to taste. In addition, Sun Mountain offers a variety of hand-planed and hand-scraped distressed wood options for flooring to create the look and feel of antique wood. One of the most popular and unique distresses is “re-sawn” distress.

Re-sawn distress is achieved with a saw blade striking lightly across the face of the flooring boards, at a 90-degree angle to the grain of the wood. Natural variations in the surface elevation of the wood cause “hits and misses” with the saw blade, creating a rough-hewn, worn look reminiscent of wood flooring from the Old West.

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