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Pre-Finished Flooring Makes Life Easy

Looking to add a stunning hardwood floor to your home?  There are a lot of options out there, from the cut of the wood to the grade, to the type of wood itself.  You’ll have a lot of possibilities waiting for you from the moment you begin looking.  Examining all the different types of flooring can be fun.  You’ll get to envision your home with any number of different colors and grains.  But another thing to keep in mind is whether or not to simply buy the wood and finish it later or opt for the easier option of purchasing pre-finished flooring.

Pre-finished flooring saves you the added time and money it can take to finish your own floor.  Likewise, the options for the finish on the wood can vary greatly, giving you plenty to choose from.  You’ll be able to see the wood in its already finished form rather than pondering at the hardware store later whether or not this or that finish will look good on your new floor.  This is going to be your floor for many years to come – it is a much better idea to see what it will look like beforehand rather than picking a finish you think will look great, only to realize once you’re done that it doesn’t look quite like you’d hoped.

A pre-finished floor gives you great quality as well because you’ll know that the entire piece of wood has been given a thorough coating of a specific finish.  You’ll find all sorts of finishes, such as high quality factory pre-finishes that include 6-sided Ultra Violet cured top coats with ceramic components that give the flooring added durability.  Choosing wood that is pre-finished means all you have to worry about is staining the wood.  Even then, you may decide to skip staining and enjoy the natural color of the wood through its finish.

If you do decide to stain pre-finished wood, feel free to ask to see examples of pieces that have been done in different stains so you can see how they’ll look in their finished form.  Suppliers can even do custom color matching for you, which means in the end all you’ll have to worry about is installing it in your home.  For even more options, ask them what other options they can offer, such as a “French Bleed” which is a glazing technique that can really highlight texturing and more for a great antique look!