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Poplar is a hardwood with a relatively straight grain and a fine, even texture. Color varies significantly from creamy-white to green, to brown, to purple. Poplar is soft and light with low ratings for strength and shock resistance. Its Janka hardness rating is 430.

Due to variations in color and density, Poplar does not stain consistently. However, it is an excellent choice for a painted finish. Poplar is a great choice for paint-grade applications because it is less expensive than other clear hardwood species like Mahogany, Cherry, Select Alder, and Sapele. It is a higher-end hardwood alternative to doors made of MDF or other composite material.

Because of the potentially significant variations in color, and depending on the effect one seeks, when staining Poplar a darker color choice may be desirable. Poplar in Sun Mountain’s standard finish colors is shown below.
Poplar Wood Table

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Poplar Finish Colors