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Plantation Doors

If you want a touch of Southern hospitality in your home, the use of Plantation doors can give that sense of romance. They are also known as louver doors, as they are in the style of layered blinds and resemble external shutters. In fact, the Plantation style can also be used as shutters on your windows, adding to the look. There are also bi-fold Plantation doors, where it opens much like French doors.

External Plantation doors can be an outer door to French doors or sliding glass doors, sometimes as a shadowbox style or attached to a slider in order to not impede the inner door. You can also have the external Plantation style door by itself, as there are false louver styles available, giving the look of the blinds but actually being quite secure and tight.

However, internal Plantation doors use the louver concept to vent, permitting air to flow. Many even have hinges on them so you can adjust the vent, making them great for closets or laundry rooms, where the ventilation is a needed aspect of the room. These types of doors also provide some visibility through the blinds, letting natural light come into the room as well.

While the name implies a sense of the old-fashioned, the concept of Plantation doors is actually quite modern, using the ideas of air circulation that are part of having a green home while still maintaining security and privacy. You also have the ability to get the door totally unfinished, choosing a stain or finish that matches the mood and style of your home. Of course, a simple white may be the best choice, especially for ones that are external Plantation doors.

Plantation doors can be made from a number of materials, from pine timber to vinyl, especially if using as external outer doors. As with blinds, however, if you use louver Plantation doors inside, you will need to worry about dusting the slits on a regular basis to keep them clean. External upkeep may be just a simple washing with the hose every so often.

You can purchase Plantation doors in many home improvement stores, but a simple online search can also find several available for sale there as well. If you are comfortable installing them yourself, you may also be able to find unfinished ones in simple resale shops.

Plantation doors are a good combination of contemporary design with the feel of the past.