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Painting Interior Doors Bold Colors

Take a quick walk through your house.  What color(s) is/are your interior doors?  Are they a plain, typical off-white?  Are they a solid shade of brown because of the wood they are made of?  Do you have any doors with a splash of color in your home?

There’s nothing wrong with painting your interior doors, even if you want to make those colors nice and bold.  One of the main reasons people tend to argue against bold color choices is resale value.  People like to think of their future homes as blank canvases, and if someone has already painted a door a bright color, it may turn them off.  But if you don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time, it’s your house, and it’s time to do what you want to it.  However, if you can get the door to match the room in a flawless and tasteful manner, it can actually add a little bit of appeal should you ever decide to sell your home.

Before simply choosing a color, you can always sample colors by doing the same thing you would do for the outside of your home.  Take a picture that includes as much of the room as possible, including the door.  Then you can print out the picture or use computer software to change the door’s color.  Insert colors you might want to use and see how the room changes with each color.  It is always a good idea to get the door to relate to the room in some way, otherwise the bold color will just look awkward and you’ll eventually want to change it.  Are there elements in the room that would reflect well on some of your color choices?  What color are the walls?

For example, perhaps your walls are a basic off-white color and you want the door to be a different color so it will give the room more character.  For many rooms with walls with no color, any door color can be appropriate.  But what about the furnishings in the room?  Is there a rug with a central color?  For a moment, assume this is a bedroom and the rug and bedspread are both a royal blue.  You could easily paint the door the same color and tie together the entire room.

Consider all aspects of the room before making a final choice and painting your door.  The right color can really add a lot to any room, and remember that you don’t even have to paint the entire door if you don’t want to – if just one side will do, then feel free to only paint that side!