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Old World Style Doors

A man’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes. And Old World style homes combine both, having multi-story homes that use such design elements as turret towers, giving the look of the ancient castle to the home. Also known as the European style, the name comes from the Old World that was Europe, Asia, and Africa, back before the Americas were settled, and incorporates design elements from those nations.

The Old World style doors are primarily used for entry doors, and are all about strength and security. While these doors are designed to look distressed, they tend to be made out of solid hardwoods like mahogany, cherry, or walnut. These types of doors also have been used for wine cellars and carriage houses. In fact, these carriage house doors are now being used for garages, meaning it’s not just your home that is secure.

In modern days, these doors also add a beauty and elegance to your home, contributing to the sense of luxury that these Old World style homes project. Many doors will also now have hand-forged wrought iron featured on the glass part of the door – or even be completely made out of wrought iron instead of wood. Many doors have specific designs on the glass as well, adding to the magnificence of both the door and the house. The goal of an Old World door is to be the focus of your house, combining the various parts of the home’s design into one.

An Old World style door is not just about the wood used, though. Everything from the hinges to the glass to the door handle adds to the sense of history of this time period. While you can paint these doors, the general look works better when you use stain instead.

When buying a door to install in your house, it is recommended that you have the company you are purchasing from pre-hang the door, as that will make installation much easier. Since the door is an entry door, maintenance of the door is something to keep in mind, depending on the weather elements that your house encounters. However, many door manufacturers now offer weatherproofing service, meaning this may not be as big of an issue as you might think.

Defend your castle with an Old World style door, giving your home a sense of history while still maintaining the luxury you want.