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Old World Moulding

For those who love pomp and circumstance, Old World homes are the way to go. These European style residences are not budget-friendly, but they are impressive and sure to please. Inside and out, they give off a sense of luxury and extravagance. They are large, with stucco and stone facades, many stories, turret towers, steep roofs, multiple intersecting rooflines, and slightly curved eaves. They bring a pleasant aesthetic appeal to a residence and/or neighborhood.

Old World homes are spacious, perfect for big families that need lots of living space. Designed after European castles, they are the pinnacle of opulence and elaborate design. The moulding, as you can imagine, is intricate, with lots of texture, depth, shadows and design. While other forms of moulding blend in and are made exclusively for function, Old World moulding does the exact opposite. It stands out in a great way. Often unpainted, Old World moulding needs no decoration; it is decoration in itself, and, more importantly, the finer details would be obscured by paint. Authentic Old World moulding can be expensive, so the last thing any homeowner wants is to have the detail covered with heavy paint.

Perhaps more than any other type of moulding, Old World style moulding is dated, giving that an olden look that doesn’t always fit in well with every home. When homeowners consider remodeling with Old World moulding, it is best to be sure their house is big and luxurious enough to go along with the Old World look. A bungalow or contemporary home, for example, would be overpowered by the heavy detail of Old World moulding. The furniture is also important. Plush cushions, claw-footed couches, thick tapestry curtains, and oil paintings mesh well with Old World moulding. Together, they create the warm yet formal look these homes are known for.

Old World homes go for a pretty penny, but they do not appeal to everyone. This can make selling them difficult.  Nowadays, modern and contemporary looks are more popular, so you’d have to find a special buyer for Old World homes. The moulding, too, is an acquired taste.  When it comes to selling a home, Old World moulding could be the making or breaking point for the sell. If there is a chance you may be selling your home at some point in the near future, think twice about installing Old World moulding.