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Mission Style Homes and Doors

Mostly located in the Southwest or Florida, Mission homes are based on the architecture of early Hispanic settlers of California, and so look a lot like the Spanish structures of colonial America. With red tile roofs and a lot of arches, these types of houses have patterned tile work typically seen around the windows or on the walls.

Mission style homes are built with that extra bit of Southwest flavor, and in fact are also occasionally called Southwestern style. Some homes also resemble early missions, which mean another alternate name for this style of homes is Mission Revival. Finally, this style is also known as Adobe homes, as they are typically made with smooth stucco siding and look made out of that construction technique.

Mission style doorways are typically arched or rounded, while the door s themselves can be square. Interior doors tend to be flat paneled and much like Arts & Craft style doors, while exterior doors tend to be more arched and include such accents as windows or speakeasies. If you have a Mission style house, make sure the door is a darker hardwood in order to give it a distinct look against the bright pastels and whites of the house itself. Many Mission doors will also utilize ironwork, giving it a look of being crafted by hand and adding that extra touch of class. Especially with front doors, these doors are made to accent the home, not detract, and are typically made out of hardwood.

Typically simple yet original, purchasing a Mission door for your home may be a little more extensive than just going to your nearest hardware store since it is such a specific style – especially for exterior doors. Thankfully, the Internet has made shopping for just the right door easy, and a quick search will find plenty of companies that sell them. As with any other Internet purchase, however, be sure to research the company before buying, asking for feedback from other customers as well as return policies. Buying online also gives you the ability to custom make the door for that extra bit of originality. However, that means you will be responsible for installing them, although instructions are usually fairly simple to follow.

Mission style doors have a simple elegance to them, and are designed to add to the overall Spanish feel of the house. Give your house the romance of the Southwest style.