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Metal Inlays and Overlays

Did you know that Sun Mountain can add metal inlays and overlays to your wood doors? These optional treatments create a one-of-a-kind look for your door design, and can be added to either flush or stile and rail doors. For inlays, we route a channel for the metal so that when installed, the metal is flush with the wood surface. For overlays, we mount sheet metal directly to the surface of the wood. In either application, the metal can be attached with decorative screws, or with a special adhesive.


Sun Mountain works with a variety of metals including stainless steel (polished, brushed, powder-coated, or blackened—also referred to as black oxide finish), aluminum (polished or brushed), copper and wrought iron.

Metal Inlay, Brushed Stainless Steel on Cherry Door #1 Metal Inlay, Brushed Stainless Steel on Cherry Door

Inlay widths must be a minimum of ½”, but can also be very large—we’ve actually done metal inlays up to 9” wide. Contact us to present your unique design. We’ll source your desired material and provide a free quote and design drawings for your review.