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Is Your Home Right for Mission Moulding?

Knowing which moulding to install in your house can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with all the various types.  Start to look at too many moulding types and they may begin to look the same.  However, you need to take your time when considering moulding for your home.  Not every moulding will match well with the house.  Look at all the different factors that can come into play when it comes to moulding.  What does your house look like?  What type of moulding do you want?  What style do you like?  Minimal?  Ornate?  With so many things to choose, sometimes getting professional help can be a great idea!

But until then, you can do some of the footwork on your own.  Mission moulding is one of the many types you may be considering.  But is your home right for this particular moulding style?

Don’t know where mission moulding came from?  The answer is simple – mission style houses!  Mission homes are also known by other names as well; southwestern homes, mission revival, or adobe.  If you’ve been to the southwest, more than likely you have seen this type of home.  Early settlers in California and the Southwest tended to be Hispanic.  They had their own architectural style, using stucco for the siding, wide tile roofs and roof parapets.  Many homes also included square pillars and arched dormers.  This style of house tends to remind people of early mission churches, which is where the name is derived from.  The homes may not have the bell towers of the churches, but you may see arched windows and doors.

Mission moulding can have a tiered look, a waterfall design, or a simple, angular style.  When you look at the different types of mission moulding, try to visualize how it might look in your home.  If you already have a mission style house, then there’s a great chance that the moulding will look right at home once it is installed.  If you don’t have a mission home, then you can try to compare the aspects of your home to images of mission houses.  Is your house more angular?  Are there any arches or curves?  Does it have pillars or wide windows?  Does your house fall into a different style altogether?  If you’re still stuck, try to get different samples of mission moulding and place them in various areas of your house.  That way you can have a glimpse at what the finished product might look like!