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Installing French Country Style Doors

As you can tell from the name, the French Country style of architecture comes from the rural countryside of France. Sometimes called French Provincial, house designs are typically small manor homes and are similar to the Tudor style homes. But while the French Country style has a rustic farmhouse look, it also can be found in chateaus and estates, combining the casual and elegant.

Inspired by the designs of the 18th Century, French Country style doors tend to match the arch design of that architecture design, tall and narrow with frequent use of casements. This style also tends to have soft lines and curves, with typically warmer colors and finishes, from orchid to chestnut. French doors are recognizable as the two doors that open in the center, typically containing glass panels, and give your home an open feel to it. They work well as both interior doors for a dining area or a living room, but also work as a replacement for sliding glass doors out to the back yard.

Most French doors designed for the inside of the house are sold already pre-hung, making installation very easy. Typically installing into drywall, the only tools needed for installation are a hammer and nails, and of course, a level, because if the door isn’t properly even, it can affect how easy it is to open and close. You will want to make sure the doorway you are installing these in are 1/2″ higher than the door as well as 1/2″ wider, as the casing of the door will cover the remaining distance.

Once you have the opening framed, the next step is to hang the door. Making sure it’s centered, you’ll want to put the bottom in place before the top. Then, gently nail the door partially into place – making sure to leave some room in case you have to change the door’s placement. Check the spacing along the jambs, using wood shims if needed for equal spacing, using your level on all three sides. Once you are sure it’s level, you can then finish nailing the door into place, making sure to secure any shims you may have used as well as making sure the original nails used in the frame are anchored. Voilà! You have just installed your French doors.

French Country Style doors give your home that modern farmhouse look, comfortable and fashionable at the same time.