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How to Incorporate Sliding Barn Doors Into Your Home

Find yourself standing in front of a wide-open doorway and don’t know what to do about it? All you really want is to close it off in a simple, pleasing fashion that can still allow for easy movement between rooms. Yet double doors don’t seem right. And double doors, more often than not, swing open like regular doors. You’re looking for something different.


If you haven’t considered sliding barn doors before, then now is the time to start looking. Sliding barn doors can be a surprising yet delightful way to partition rooms from one another, all while giving your home a unique look. There are many different door designs you can choose from, as well as wood species, stains, and glazes for a beautiful final result.


Sliding barn doors work wonderfully when you have a large opening between rooms, or if you just want a change from traditional single-door openings. Because the wooden door hangs on a top rail that is mounted into the wall, it’s simply a matter of sliding it open and shut. Easy! They are popular for any number of areas, from separating living rooms and kitchens to acting as doors for closets and bathrooms. Some will have wheels at the bottom to add extra stability and ease of movement.


Incorporating a sliding barn door into your home doesn’t have to be a big production. Because of all the different ways that the wood can be treated and designed, the door can fit into a surprising number of home styles, from old world to contemporary. What’s more, the wood can be of varying grades depending upon your needs. Though the traditional design of a barn door brings in images of weathered wood, you can opt for high grade wood with very few knots or color variations. This provides a very clean look that can be ideal for many homes and home types. Or you can always opt for the more traditional design and request rustic grade wood, as well as any distressing you want.


Also, don’t forget about reclaimed wood. It may very well be your preferred choice as the wood itself may actually come from an old barn! You never know where reclaimed wood might come from, but it’s an excellent way of staying green and obtaining a truly weathered barn door.


So if you’ve been looking for a door to replace a current one, or just looking for something different, definitely take the time to look at all the sliding barn door options. You never know what you might fall in love with.