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Handles and Locksets To Fit Your Needs

When it is time to choose a door for your new house or as an update to an existing structure, excitement is usually followed by slight indecision.  Choosing the actual door style is only half the battle.  What type of material do you want the door to be made of?  What color will it be?  Will you stain it, paint it, or have it manufactured in that particular color?  Will it have glass inserts?  How many and in what shapes? Finally, what type of handle and lock will you choose?

The final question can actually be an intimidating one.  After all, you want to be sure that the lockset offers the very best security, but you also want something that will fit with the look of your home.

Style and Color

A door handle, whether for use indoors or out, can make a big impact.  Choosing the right style for the door in question can create a finished, beautiful look. There are many styles from which to select, including a traditional rounded knob, decorative and engraved knobs, as well as lever style handles.  However, it is not just the shape of it that must be determined.  There are also different finishes.  Some handles are white, black, or a variety of other flat colors, while the majority are metal: chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, antique brass, and so on.

Of course, a primary issue will be the look of the door and which will work best with that design.  That is not the only thing to consider, though. Who will be, most frequently, using the handles?  Is there a child in the home or an elderly person or someone with special physical needs?  Certain handles are easier to use than others and this might be something that will play a big part in your decision.  Another matter that will come into play is the type of handle already in use on existing doors.  Generally, people try to keep handles consistent throughout the home.  So, if you already have entry doors in place, it might be wise to match the handles used on those doors.

Lock Systems

Nearly any type of handle can have an incorporated locking system.  This includes the simplest type of locks for indoor entryways, but the locksets can also be quite complex.  Some handles come with deadbolt locksets, while others lock on the handle.  Which style will fit the needs of the home?  Where will the door be used?  Were you considering a number padlock or some other external locking system?  These types of questions will help you narrow the list of possible handle sets.