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Glass Designs for Your Doors

Are you in the market for a new front door? Have you been thinking about sliding – or bi-fold -doors for your back porch?  Whatever location you have in mind, today’s doors can change the look of your home in a moment.  Part of this attractiveness stems from the use of designer glass elements to allow light into the space and also to create a more unique look to the entryway.

Clear Glass. For the dramatic view of the backyard that easily opens to it, providing instant access to a deck, porch, pond, or pool, clear glass can still be the ideal option.  Even with the numerous varieties of glass designs available today, clear glass cannot be beat when the scenery beyond is just what the homeowner wants to see.  It provides constant light during the day and an unobstructed view to the world beyond.

Remain a Mystery. When the goal is to allow the light through, but to keep privacy in, there are many beautiful choices from which to select.  Among them are glass finishes known as “cord,” “Corteza,” “Crackle,” and “Rain.”  There are many others as well that still allow for a picturesque entryway, but keep your world concealed from those beyond it.  Granite, hammered, and reeded finishes, for instance, can be beautifully cut and soldered to build perfectly ornate glass designs for front doors.  Full length panels can be fit into the doors and sidelights, offering an unbeatable curb appeal, but you never have to worry about the wandering eyes of nosey neighbors.

Tinted Beauty. It is also possible to maintain your view of the outside world without having to squint in the direct sunlight.  Today, glass is available in a variety of tints and shades.  In fact, stained glass has been around for centuries.  Most commonly, however, those who are looking to block a bit of the light are most drawn to graylite glass, which, like a good pair of sunglasses, cuts down on the intense rays of the sun, so those sitting inside can take in the scenery without being blinded.

Interior Doors with Glass. Would you like to let more light pass between rooms within your home?  If so, you are like many others who struggle with the same issue.  A closed door can cut a particular room or hallway off from the sunshine entirely.  Fortunately, when glass would be useful indoors, but privacy remains an issue, there is a glass known as white lami.  It allows light to pass but cuts out the visibility factor, so rooms and hallways remain light and airy, but also private, when necessary.